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Private Three Day Option 1

Day 1

We’ll come and pick you up at 4:45 in the monring from your hotel. We’ll then take you to see the incredible sunrise over Angkor Wat. We’ll then have breakfast nearby.

After breakfast, we’ll explore Angkor Temple and the Angkor Thom South Gate.

We’ll then stop for lunch in the Angkor Park. In the afternoon, we’ll explore the temples located inside Angkor Thom city.

Day 2

We’ll come and get you from your hotel around 8:30 in the morning and take you to see Ta Prohm temple, which is also known as the Tomb Raider Temple. We’ll all see Preah Khan and Neak Pean temples. We’ll then stop for lunch in the temple grounds.

We’ll continue in the afternoon to Ta Som and East Mebon in the afternoon before watching the sunset at Pre Rup.

Day 3

We’ll come and get you after breakfast around 8am. We’ll then head out to Kulen Mountain to see the secret waterfall inthe morning. We’ll then stop for lunch in a local village.

In the afternoon, we’ll visit the Killing Fields museum and take a tour of the city.

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